A look back into our past

Since 2009, we’ve been dedicated to creating wines that encapsulate this unique place we call home.  It’s a place like nowhere else, and the wines finally reflect what a special place this is.

– Martin Fujishin and Teresa Moye

Our journey into wine has been a great adventure. We’ve had good times and bad. In the beginning, we had a vision for where we wanted our wines and winery to go, but the culture of wine in Idaho was in its infancy. The early years weren’t easy, there were times when we were “too poor to buy dirt,” and going out with a case of wine and stay out till we got it sold so we could buy groceries.

As Idaho and Snake River Valley wines gained acceptance and notoriety, things have become easier. At least there are fewer jokes about our wine being made from potatoes. We’ve learned a lot, and grown a lot and we know that without our friends and family, we would never have been able to live this crazy dream. Thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years, and if you’re just discovering us, we know you’ll be blown away by what you find when you try Idaho wines. We’ve done it all as a team, and we hope you can taste the passion and hard work in every glass. The best vintages are yet to come!


Martin and Teresa



Martin Fujishin and Teresa Moye release the first wines from Fujishin Family Cellars at Savor Idaho (June 21, 2009).


First tasting room was jointly partnered with 2 other wineries in Downtown Caldwell.


The winery makes the move to the Sunnyslope Wine District from our initial space in Downtown Caldwell, Idaho.

Note: This was our actual tasting room for one summer.


A more permanent home is agreed upon


Second label, Lost West Winery, established.


Fujishin takes the lead in “The Old Shed” following the retirement of the Robison Family from the fruit business, creating a full tasting room in Sunnyslope.


Chosen as one of the Top 10 Hottest Wine Brands by Wine Business Monthly


Named Idaho Winery of the Year for 2018 by Wine Press Northwest Magazine


Fujishin Family Cellars Winery celebrates 10 years of winemaking in the Snake River Valley


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