“The Snake River Valley AVA has nearly limitless potential.  Each unique site gives us insight into the varieties and growing practices that will define our region with every new vintage.”

– Martin Fujishin, Winemaker/Owner

Surrounded by some of the most well known and respected wine regions in the US, wineries in the Snake River Valley have the opportunity to source grapes from many of the best vineyards in the world.  At Fujishin, we chose to make wines from the vineyards at our doorstep, focusing on the Snake River Valley AVA for our wines.  This emerging region is proving the ability to produce wines that are just as powerful and compelling as those found in the surrounding regions, with a style and character all their own.

Windseeker Vineyard

Our Estate Vineyard

Location: At 2600 feet in elevation, high above the Snake River near Wilder, Idaho, our new estate vineyard resides at the top of the Sunnyslope and Central Cove, two of the most well known and well respected grape and fruit growing regions in the Northwest.

Vines: Planting began in 2019, with our first blocks of Syrah 03 and Graciano.  Those vines were joined by Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, and Syrah J.P. as we planted the rest of our beautiful location.

Soil: Two distinct soil profiles define this site.  The upper portions consist of remnants of the Ten Mile gravel bar that was deposited nearly 2 million years ago near the end of the existence of Lake Idaho.  Lower blocks rest on a combination of windblown volcanic ash, windblown sand, river and lake bed sediments deposited after Lake Idaho drained to create Hells Canyon.

Vineyard Partners

Bitner Vineyards

Location: Since our winery’s inception in 2009, the family owned Bitner Vineyard has provided us with a numerous Rhone Valley varieties.  Its location on the ridges of the Sunnyslope have proven year after year to provide consistently high quality grapes with structure and intensity.  They also take great pride in being the first LIVE certified vineyard in Idaho.

Vines: Planted in 1981 this vineyard provides Fujishin with Riesling, Viognier, Syrah, and Chardonnay.

Soil:  The soils of the both blocks of the Bitner Vineyard consist of sandy loam soils primarily originating from the sediments of Lake Idaho mixed with volcanic ash.  This combination leads to bright aromatics and naturally low tannins.

Emerald Slope Vineyard

Location: Just across the border into Eastern Oregon, the Emerald Slope Vineyard is perched above the Snake River near Adrian.  This matchless site is part of an entirely different microclimate which gives the wines from this site a unique structure and character from the rest of our production.

Vines:  Portions of our Tempranillo and Petite Sirah production hail from this vineyard.

Soil: The sandy ridges formed by wind and water that rise up above the river bottom in this area are imminently suited for grape growing, providing just the right balance of water, warmth from heat retention, and exceptionally deep soils for the own rooted vines to make their home.

Skyline Vineyard

Location: Our southernmost vineyard source sits prominently on the volcanic vent formed ridges above the Snake River South of Nampa, Idaho.  As Idaho’s largest vineyard, this site benefits from exceptional grape growing expertise and immaculate management.

Vines:  Petit Verdot and Gewurztraminer are our top picks from this vineyard.

Soil:  Volcanic influenced soils are the order of the day for the Skyline Vineyards.  Interlaced layers of volcanic ash, lake bed sediments, and igneous rock underpin this site and give it a nuanced and uncommon style.

Williamson Vineyard

Location: In 1998, along the Chalk Hills on the Western end of the Sunnyslope, the Williamson family branched out from orchards into vineyards.  This site provides grapes for numerous Idaho wineries and its diverse portfolio of varieties has helped the industry grow and prosper.

Vines:  Our Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Riesling, Mourvedre, and now Albarino all are sourced in part from this collection of vineyard blocks.

Soil: Though the underlying soils of this vineyard are lakebed sediments, the past flows of both the Snake and Boise Rivers flowed across this plateau creating a unique combination of sand, loam, and decomposed granite blended with volcanic ash.  Bright and robust fruit notes are the hallmark of this site.


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