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Our Vineyards

Fujishin Family Cellars Winery sources grapes from high quality producers in the Snake River Valley AVA.  Our family's long term relationships allow us to source our favorite varieties from some of the best growers in the area.  We have had the good fortune to develop a great working relationship with the following growers and look forward to many years of creating distinctive wines from their exceptional quality fruit.

Bitner Vineyards-Snake River ValleyBitner Vineyards

The historic Bitner Vineyards were some of the first vineyards to take root in the Snake River Valley.  Planted in 1981, they provide some of the finest quality Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Viognier in the valley.

Owned and operated by Ron and Mary Bitner, who also own the Bitner Winery as well as a Bed and Breakfast on the site, the vineyard reflects the true climate and soils of Idaho and the Snake River Valley in every glass.



Williamson Hoskins Road Vineyard-Snake River ValleyPolo Cove Vineyards

Located at the highest point in Canyon County at approximately 2700 feet in elevation, the Polo Cove Vineyards sit in some of the oldest sedimentary soils in the region.  With a sandy profile that was deposited during the formation of Lake Idaho, the soils have remained almost untouched by the rivers that have shaped the rest of the Snake River Valley floor.  Our winery sources Syrah, Chardonay, and Riesling from the vineyard blocks of Polo Cove that were originally planted in 1980.  With their ample air drainage and old vine character, these vineyards consistently provide us with the high quality grapes we rely on to produce our wines. 

Williamson Vineyards

One of the oldest and most well established fruit growing families in the Snake River Valley made the transition to grape growing in the 1990's not long before their 100 year anniversary as farmers in the Sunnyslope Region.  Now managed by the 3rd generation of the Williamson Family, Mike and Pat have one of the most well tended vineyards in the valley.  Relying on sustainable farming practices and with great effort towards conservation, the Williamson Family provides our winery with Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, and Mourvedre.  We're proud to partner with this well established and well loved family farm to produce our wines. 

Skyline VineyardsSkyline Vineyard-Snake River Valley

Owne and operated by Winemakers, LLC based in Washington, the Skyline Vineyard was established in the 1990's near the Sawtooth Winery on a plateau south of Nampa, Idaho.  The largest single vineyard planting in the state, Skyline Vineyards is one of the most scenic and beautifully manicured vineyards in the Northwest. 

Managed by Dale Jeffers and Aaron Mai, this vineyard provides our winery with Petit Verdot, and Tempranillo grapes currently and is the source for some of the best and most flavorful grapes in the Snake River Valley AVA.  Its deep volcanic soils give the wines a unique set of characteristics while respecting the natural character of the grape varieties. 

Emerald Slopes Vineyard

Williamson Vineyards-Snake River Valley

Our newest vineyard source lies at the opposite end of the valley just outside the town of Adrian, Oregon.  Our winemaker Martin just happened to grow up only a few miles down the road from this site and attended school in Adrian, driving past this deep alluvial hillside daily. 

We currently source Tempranillo from this vineyard site and though one of the youngest vineyards in the AVA it is already showing promise as a producer of high quality, distinctively flavored wine grapes.  Managed by Tim and George Martin, this vineyard site has sparked the imagination of our winemaker as the site for a unique and exciting combination of soils and climate that could create some of the finest wines ever produced in the Snake River Valley.